Care Instructions


Failure to follow the care instructions may void your warranty.

COVER:  Please wash cover before use. Remove cover and machine wash on delicate/gentle cycle with cool water and like colors. Do not use bleach or stain removers. Tumble dry low, air dry is suggested. DO NOT IRON.

FOAM PILLOW:  Spot clean with cool water. Allow to air dry on a flat surface. DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER OR DIRECT SUN.

Do not use product on wet or damp surface.


You may notice a new foam scent when you first open your pillow. This scent is harmless and will dissipate. To help eliminate it, we suggest the following steps before using your pillow:

  • Push or sit on your pillow to eliminate tiny air pockets that form naturally during manufacturing. This will break the air pockets and release the scent that is encapsulated.
  • Remove the cover and launder.
  • Spray the foam with a mild fabric refresher. Let air dry completely before recovering.
  • Increase ventilation in the room (open windows).