Mattress Assembly Instructions

Please follow these opening instructions carefully:

Since your new mattress was shipped compressed, it can be heavy and bulky to handle, so we suggest that two people unpack and open it.

Carefully remove your new mattress from the box. Place the rolled mattress on your existing foundation/box spring/bed frame. Very carefully cut the plastic sleeve that surrounds the mattress and dispose of immediately. Warning: keep children and animals away from the plastic sleeve.

Position your mattress on the foundation/box spring/bed frame with the sleeping surface up. Your mattress will begin to decompress immediately, but if necessary, gently unfold it so that it can expand completely. It could take up to 48 hours to completely come back to its original size, especially in colder climates.

Apply your bedding to your new mattress and now you are ready for some well-deserved, comfortable sleep!

Like a like a new pair of shoes, your new memory foam mattress may require an adjustment period. Allow several months for the mattress to adjust to your body’s sleep habits.

Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated…ready to start your day!

 Did you know…?

Memory foam readily reacts to temperature. Your body heat softens memory foam. So if your mattress is kept in a cool room, it will feel firm when you first lay on it.


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